Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dunwoody - Routine Accommodation in Action!

Could we take a picture like this in Dunwoody later this year??

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk! That's what's happening in Dunwoody. I've been bitten too many times and might even have some ancestry from Missouri with the "Show Me" syndrome. But much to my VERY PLEASANT surprise on April 11th, the Dunwoody Public Works Director, Michael Smith is proposing to add Bike Lanes to resurfacing projects THIS YEAR. Yes, you read that right. Now. This year. In 2011. Not in some "Proposed / Planned / Programmed" never-never land.

The best segment in my humble opinion is on Roberts Drive, which begins very close to the Dunwoody Village area, past the Dunwoody Nature Center to Austin Elementary School. Talk about supporting Safe Routes to School and neighborhood connectivity!

Going in the "Above & Beyond" category was the addition of getting bike lanes on North Shallowford, North Peachtree and Peachford. Simply through restriping lane widths to 10 feet. 

Click here for the details.

What a great surprise.... I'm geeked to say the least.

Thank you, Mr. Smith!!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sick to my Stomach - A Great Trail opening in some OTHER Community

No, the photo you see is not an artist's rendering. In fact, it was created four years ago in a suburb in the United States.

Yesterday I was forwarded the below reference to a suburb in Seattle, Washington that in 2007 opened a Multi-Use Trail running directly in-between two high-power tension  lines. This is EXACTLY what could have been on the table in my community of Dunwoody. But was taken off the plans after local citizens all got together with the NIMBY syndrome and came up with all sorts of emotional angst against the wonderful project.

Bottom line: It makes me sick to my stomach to read great stories like these in other communities and sense that it’s not a possibility here. Why provide kids a safe route to walk or bike to school? What's so different in the very fabric of our human beings between Seattle and Dunwoody? Why did this get so out of hand and near hysteria set in?

Here's the lovely story. Only read it if you are planning something happy immediately following, so you can forget it: Seattle Powerline Trail