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6-10 Council Meeting: Brio, Budget & Boards

As I've been doing for the better part of the past decade, the Friday before a Monday City Council meeting, I review the agenda that is posted online. Then I do my research & post it, round up the troops, make a last-minute call to action, ... whatever. There's been countless weekends I've spent digging into these agenda items and informing my friends & followers. There's three items I'd like to highlight for your information and possible action:

Full Meeting Agenda HERE
1. Ashford-Dunwoody Old Brio Site : Just Say NoDownload Agenda Item HERE

This is the "second read" of this proposed plan. This is the first time the city council can vote up or down on the plan. They could also defer, etc. Let's assume they'll vote yes or no. As I've posted, the plan is just plain wrong and needs to be denied. Read my post for the details.

At the last council meeting, one of our elected officials was glad that the buildings were all just one story to &quo…

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