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I didn't wait to get invited to the table

When my wife & I bought our home in Dunwoody in the summer of 2008, we had no idea about the cityhood effort. After investing in major renovations and repairs, we moved into our home in January, 2009. Within a few short weeks, I started learning about who are the civic leaders & community influencers. Then I started meeting with them one on one, I had a 2-sided executive summary I used for my conversations that had a bullet list of action items, and supporting references as to why we as a city should undertake those measures. 

I got myself appointed to the Sustainability Commission (now named as a Committee) and the Master Transportation Plan Steering Committee. I kept moving on from there, building a network. Being engaged, not only asking for things from the city, but doing things. Volunteering. Raising funds to put back into our community. 

Bottom Line: I didn't wait to be asked for a seat at the table. I interjected myself into the circle of 2-3 dozen people that had bee…

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