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Good Luck Peachtree Road Race Participants!

Best of luck tomorrow on the 50th running of the Peachtree Road Race!Stay well hydrated, take it easy and enjoy a big carbo-loaded dinner tonight.

I had the pleasure of running the Peachtree from 1987 until 1999, minus a year I was on a Army Reserve tour of duty. It's much more than a run. It's a thing. I'd work on running a sub 50-minute 10k prior to Peachtree registration so I could get into a faster time group. Otherwise, you're walking for the first mile or two. My fastest Peachtree was 44 minutes. The last couple of years of running I backed in from the Peachtree and trained to do a half marathon on Thanksgiving day. I can't even imagine the dedication my friends have that do full marathons, triathlons and long distance endurance events. 

I've always challenged myself and set goals to do better.To put things into perspective, when I was in high school, I barely passed my  PE / Gym classes. I was chubby. I didn't do any team sports. I was teased. I hit pu…

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