Monday, March 9, 2015

I would bike if I felt safer

The quote below is from a woman living in Dunwoody as a response to an editorial in one of our local weekly free newspapers. The Editorial basically said Dunwoody is not a destination city & the author hadn't seen any persons on bicycle or on foot on our new Dunwoody Village Parkway.

This was at least the fifth editorial in this free publication since January from individuals opposing sidewalks, trails or bike lanes.

Reading her response just made my day!

If you appreciate streets that are safely designed for all people, please thank the Dunwoody Mayor & City Council and sign this on-line petition, posted at this LINK.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Georgia Bikes: Vote for Bikes is a Vote for me!

Georgia Bikes, our statewide advocacy organization promoting bicycling is running a campaign called, "A Vote for Bikes is a Vote for me!". We're asking that a tiny portion go towards creating safe facilities for persons on foot or on bicycle.

Checkout their on-line petition at this LINK

And for some unexplained reason, I LOVE this photo: