Senate Passes Transportation Bill - Including Transportation Enhancements

Yesterday, the Senate passed a clean extension on the Transportation Bill with a large margin of 92-6, keeping the important Transportation Enhancements.  This means that all current transportation funding and programs will continue to March 31, 2012 — the date the extension expires. During this time we will have much work to do to ensure that bicycling is included in either a long term transportation bill or another extension. Both GA Senators voted "yea" on the clean extension. Give them a call & say thanks!

Chambliss: (202) 224-3521
Isakson: (202) 224-3643
Say hello to keeping things like the TE grant for nearly $500k that Kingsley Elementary received for their Safe Routes to School program, helping kids to be able to walk or ride their bike to school.

Say hello to keeping things like the TE grant that we got for Dunwoody Village Parkway to redesign a 4-lane 25 MPH motor vehicle-only "speedway", into a Complete Street accessible for ALL users, to include pedestrians and bicyclists.

Oklahoma Senator Coburn spoke on the Senate floor demanding that Transportation Enhancements be stripped from the Extension of the SurfaceTransportation bill. Coburn "agreed to drop his opposition in exchange for assurances that a highway program that funds bike paths and other "transportation enhancements" will be eliminated at a later point." We'll see what happens come next March...