Bicycling & Pedestrian Article from Sandy Springs

I have a Google Alert anytime my name pops up in the Internet. Just got one this morning and will share. About a week ago, I was contacted by the Sandy Springs Reporter and detailed my experiences and viewpoint about bicycling in Sandy Springs and what I've heard from the city. First off, I'm not with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition as quoted. Secondly, I didn't say EVERY street project needs to be a "Complete Street".

Coming from the military,  I like to see policies, ordinances and other published guidelines that INFORM the public. It's not that I'm "misinformed", as quoted by my Sandy Springs bicycling friend on their Council. Rather, their city isn't informing the public about their plans or policies.

What's so wrong with adopting a Complete Streets policy? Of re-striping to 10-ft lane widths on a 35 mph road? Of creating an Action Plan to become a Bike Friendly Community? Of establishing a community volunteer committee for non-motorized transportation? Of actively partnering -- and establishing formal relationships -- with the local schools and promoting Safe Routes to School?

I'm not from Missouri, but just please show me.

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