Whiteboarding 101 for Dunwoody City Council Meetings

White Boarding 101 
How to dynamically respond & interact from the Audience during Dunwoody City Council Meetings

With a special bonus – 
Posting signs on doors as you exit!!

Supplies: 2 white boards, eraser, colored dry erase markers
Position: Front Row
Do: Write on one board in advance, have other for spontaneous remarks

 Be sure to have really smelly, toxic markers to make your neighbors sick

Step One: Start Writing
Step Two: Display Sign Prominently

... All together now  !!

...but wait, there's more:

Finished talking?? Don’t forget to walk out the door after you've said something ...Because you don’t care to know what else is going on in our city.

Bonus -- Posting signs on doors as you exit!!
I'm outta here, baby!! DWTS is on at 8...

Finally, for your enjoyment, you can watch the full "show" recorded live right here.