Will the Dunwoody City Government Actively Encourage Bicycling???

You ever think that officially the City of Dunwoody will ever do anything to promote bicycling as a healthy lifestyle? Installing bike lanes as the norm– just like sidewalks – will help, but simple events, PR notices, etc. like the below link from Decatur make a difference. Decatur’s General Fund Budget, including Fire is $20M. Dunwoody's 2012 General Fund is $20M -- WITHOUT Fire. With the same money, Decatur has an Active Living Department. Why don’t we???

A small example is that in 2011 I helped to put on two Bike Safety Rodeos for kids. It really wasn't very difficult at all. Had the support of Brent Walker at Parks & Rec Department, The Police & Explorers, Women’s Club & even a woman from the DeKalb County Public Health (Safe Kids). I didn't try to do one in 2012… and it didn't happen.

We can’t rely on volunteers for everything all the time. What if volunteers start travelling more for their day job? What if all of a sudden their work requirements substantially increase? What if they move away from Dunwoody? We simply cannot rely on volunteers to act as free labor and run all of this stuff  into the foreseeable future  

Could we get a City staff person assigned to work a few hours hours per week (or month) as a Bike-Ped Coordinator?  Should we just toss out the 2009 Resolution on Becoming a Bike Friendly Community

We can’t just think some free volunteers are going to show up out of the blue & solve everything for us.

I want to be able to work hard, full time 40-60 hours per week at my paying day job, including business travel and to come home and enjoy deserved amenities of the community where I live.

I want to see something systemic, programmatic and budgeted from the City of Dunwoody to support and encourage bicycling, like they're doing Decatur with the same amount of funds: