American Diabetes Association Promoting Motor Vehicle Driving

Hi Friends,

I am signed up to participate in the Tour de Cure ride ride on May 15th in Fairburn, Georgia and received an email from them about a "gas card" promotion. If I were to raise a certain amount, then I'd be eligible to be in the drawing to win a $100 gas card.

This is unsettling. The LAST thing the American Diabetes Association should be doing is encouraging more people to remain dependent upon driving in their cars. I would prefer they promote an active lifestyle of other viable transportation means such as walking,  bicycling or promoting the national program, "Safe Routes to School", which is a very poorly funded federal program attempting to unwind all of our car-centric cul-de-sac non-sidewalk suburban sprawl "developments" built over the past 30 + years in America; encouraging children K-8 to walk or ride their bike to school. In 1969, nearly 50% of children got to school by walking or biking. Now it is only 15%.I could go on & on providing facts & figures.

I'm sure there are dozens of other promotions the American Diabetes Association could leverage to encourage active and healthy lifestyles. Seriously. I'm very disappointed.


  1. You are right. They should offering a $100 gift card towards running shoes, walking shoes or a new blender for green smoothies. Something, anything that will lead towards a healthier lifestyle not just one tank of gas.


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