Dunwoody Village Parkway - Out of the Box Ideas

Just over two years ago I submitted to various Dunwoody city officials my informal "out of the box" thoughts on what to do with Dunwoody Village Parkway. Not being a trained traffic engineer, I was only limited by my first-hand experiences from living in Europe, what I could find on the web and just plain old-fashioned brainstorming. My first idea was a "Cheap & Cheerful" solution which would have cost:

Paint for re-striping
Four Chicanes: 8 Cement Raised Beds (4 on each side), Soil, Trees & Shrubs
Paint for re-marking a Bike/Ped Shared Use Path
Various Street Signs
This solution could have been a temporary fix requiring NO heavy construction until a long-term solution was studied, engineered, budgeted and constructed.

We're two years past then, and today Dunwoody is holding it's first public open house specifically for the parkway.

A highlight of some of my ideas I'll be bringing to the meeting tonight:

  • Remove several curbcuts
  • Add a couple of Roundabouts (Traffic Calming)
  • Insure there are buffers between motor vehicles, parked cars, bicycles and pedestrians

Here's what my daily commute used to look like when I lived in Copenhagen

To review my ideas with additional photos and examples, please take a look at this presentation here.

If you want to provide your suggestions, please contact the Dunwoody Director of Public Works Michael Smith at Michael.Smith@dunwoodyga.gov or 678-382- 6701

Here's a couple of photos from Boulder, Colorado: Note the simple use of planters to separate bicyclists from the motorized traffic.