City of Dunwoody & The Opioid Crisis

On tonight’s Dunwoody City Council meeting agenda, an Alabama-based attorney is asking to represent the city in suing drug manufacturers, and to take 1/3 of any money awarded to the city.

Aside from the potential of the city get some unknown amount of $$, the posted presentation is completely void of details:

  • WHO asked for this attorney?
  • HOW they were chosen?
  • WHY the city wants to do this?
  • WHAT is in it for the city except for some $$?
  • WHAT the city would do with the $$?

Further, what’s missing is the VISION of how we are engaging in protecting the health and welfare of our residents TODAY. Big grandiose lawsuits are opaque and may be litigated to infinity, taking years & years to come to a close. 

What measures are the City of Dunwoody taking to protect our citizens with this crisis?

Our police force is out there responding to 911 calls. What about all of the pieces that happen BEFORE a 911 call is needed? 

Since our city’s inception, the mantra has been a “small government” that outsources practically everything. A couple of months ago I asked the city to put me in touch with their contact at DeKalb County Board of Health office that works with childhood injury & safety programming - the nationwide program is called Safe Kids (the county has staff that specializes in this area). Wanna know what the city’s answer was? ******* THEY DIDN’T have a contact. Dunwoody didn’t have a contact with the DeKalb County Board of Health. I can’t fathom that. That’s taking “small government” to the extreme. 

If you can’t say we as a city need to be PROACTIVELY helping to save lives of our friends, children, neighbors and guests, then I’ll gladly disagree with you. 

As evidenced by this, what we see is the absence of LEADERSHIP in getting this done and protecting the safety and lives of our citizens TODAY.