More in-depth: South Peachtree Creek Trail & Roswell Big Creek Greenway

I just wanted to share a couple other examples of multi-use trails that have been built in the last few years in Metro Atlanta that dealt with storm water, water, stream buffers and the like. Take a look for yourself:

       South Peachtree Creek 

There was public outcry & a lawsuit in DeKalb just a few years ago on the "South Peachtree Creek” trail. It was built WITHIN the floodplain / stream buffer, required Dekalb County buying land and the like. There were Temporary Restraining Orders, etc. but the project ended up being built and the folks love it. See the link here for the history. And see this link from the PATH Foundation that has the trail information as it is used today:

For more info, just Google “South Peachtree Creek Trail”. 

       Roswell Big Creek Greenway

Built as a special EPA project in a floodplain to actually MITIGATE storm water drainage issues. Officially titled, “Big Creek Park Wetlands Enhancement Demonstration Project”.

The City-owned Big Creek Park is located along Big Creek, approximately two miles north of  where Big Creek joins the Chattahoochee River (east of State Route 400).  The master plan for
the park includes approximately 30 acres of property that has been selected for a Wetlands Enhancement Demonstration Project.  It is  intended to demonstrate improvements on the
overall quality of an urban watershed and wetlands system through the use of innovative approaches to manage both the quality and quantity of urban stormwater runoff.  Project  objectives include the following:
• Demonstrate urban stormwater “best management practices” for improving water quality.
• Demonstrate groundwater recharge through the wetlands to improve low-flow conditions in Big Creek during drought periods.
• Demonstrate wetlands enhancement such as improved wetland hydrology and habitat diversity.
• Construct a network of trails for public use with the ability to provide public education pertaining to water quality, wetlands, and stormwater management.  The greenway trail will connect with Alpharetta’s Big Creek Greenway.  
Construction began in Fall 2004.  Monitoring will take place for four years after construction and results will be reported to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Engineering firm (Geosyntec) details:

The objectives of the project were to demonstrate innovative water quality and wetlands enhancement techniques through the use of stormwater best management practices and groundwater recharge – all within a public park setting which includes a network of trails for public use and outdoor classrooms.

The awards received by this project included:

State Engineering Excellence Award – American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), 2006
Outstanding Civil Engineering Project Award - Natural Environment Category, Georgia Outstanding Civil Engineering Awards, ASCE Georgia Section, September 2006
GAWRA Water Resources Project of the Year; by American Water Resources Association - Georgia Section, May 2006
Georgia Trendsetter Award 2006 by Georgia Municipal Association.