Northridge / GA-400 Bridge Project Update

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As of today, still no change to the project. Still no bike lanes. I've been talking to anyone I can: State & Local elected officials, press, etc. But here's the latest information for your perusal.

Total Project Budget: $10.5M
Cost Estimate for Bike Lanes on Bridge: $168k (less than 2% of the project)
Cost Estimate for Bike Lanes on Roberts Drive: $13k to $37k (+ utility relocations)
Actual Cost for Sidewalks - $41,933
Actual Cost for “Enhancements” - $500k (details below)

Funding Sources & Amounts
  • Amount contributed from the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) - $8,768,235.96
  • Amount contributed from Sandy Springs - $500,000
  • Other contributed funds (amounts & sources) - $0,100% State and Local funds

Memorandum of Understanding signed by Sandy Springs & GDOT in October, 2012, total project budget is $10.5M. The GDOT-provided numbers total $9.2M, indicating that there appears to be room in the budget to add bike lanes on both the bridge and Roberts Drive within the project area.

“ … SRTA and GDOT will be funding the project for the cost of design, right-of-way, utility, and construction activities up to $10,042,836, and the City will match for enhancement items listed [above] in the amount of $500,000.”

The $500k contribution from Sandy Springs represents enhancement items of:

“Decorative mast arm traffic signal poles, LED street lights, illuminated overhead street name signs, Ethernet high-definition video cameras, wireless magnetometer vehicle sensors, green vinyl chain link fence, and granite cast in place form finishes to walls.”

Project & Budget History
2010: $1.2M -- North Fulton CTP, Project VH208: Provide capacity and operational improvements.
2011: $7M - Sandy Springs T-0037: Northridge Interchange at GA 400 Improvements
2012: $10.5M – GDOT Project #751580: Design/Build. Detailed Concept Report
Public Meetings: Single one held on December 4, 2011.


I found the following on page 83 of the Concept Report, dated March 12, 2012 by Lisa Myers, Acting Project Review Engineer: IMPLEMENTATION OF VALUE ENGINEERING STUDY ALTERNATIVES

ALT-1 Says

 "The new bridge will include minimum width bike lanes in both directions."


Where's the Money??

SRTA took in $20M from the GA-400 Tolls in FY 2012.
Sandy Springs FY2012 Revenue was $95M, with a balance of $70M.

Why Build Bike Lanes on the Bridge? Was in the original plan from 2010.
Can’t Afford Not to: Bicycle Accommodations add value to local businesses & homes. Improve Health, Increase local transportation options. All add up to an excellent long-term Return on Investment.
Safe Routes to School: Two Elementary Schools within ¼ mile of the project. Allow parents & children a SAFE transportation option, relieving local motor vehicle rush-hour traffic.
Plan for the Future: Bridges last 50+ years. Gen X/Y are looking for walkable, bikable communities & will relocate their businesses & create new jobs where this infrastructure exists. This trend will increase.
Regional Connectivity:  This bridge is the single point of access between Perimeter CID, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs to cross the Chattahoochee River into Roswell, connecting into their trail & bike network and points beyond.
Supports Existing Plans: Sandy Springs 2008 Transportation Plan identifies Roberts Drive/Northridge as a north-south Bicycle Corridor. Roswell & Sandy Springs have budgeted and are building a Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge acrossthe Chattahoochee at Hwy-9/Roswell Rd (completion: 2016). Dunwoody has built Bike Lanes northward along Roberts Drive to the Sandy Springs border.
Supports Policies & Programs:
GDOT Policy: Required exception to adding Bike Lanes if increased project cost by 20% or more. GDOT Board unanimously adopted a Complete Streets policy in 2012. Bike Lanes are to be built by “default” in projects. Exception remains if 20% or greater extra cost.
Sandy Springs: Pursuing certification as a “Bicycle Friendly Community”; has adopted a “Complete Streets” policy (per Public Works Dir, Kevin Walter– AJC, June 15, 2012); guidance to developers to install bike lanes (S.Sprs. Ord. Art XI, 103-74(k))
 ARC 2007 Bike/Ped Plan:  “Routine Accommodation” Bicyclists and pedestrians provided for when new roadways are constructed and for new and retrofitting existing roadways.

GDOT: Ms. Marlo L. Clowers, P.E. / Project Manager / 404.631.1713/
Websites: Cities of Sandy Springs & Dunwoody, Atlanta Regional Commission, Atlanta Journal Constitution


  1. Thank you very much for advocating for this bike path over the bridge. I just read in Sandy Springs Patch that the bike path is back in the official plans for bridge.

  2. Right now, we have bike lane in one direction so far. Working to get it in both directions AND also on the approaching roads in the project area.


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