Brookhaven Moving Forward: Dunwoody Getting Passed Behind?

Congrats to our younger sibling, Brookhaven on investing in the future with their $40M Parks Bond that was overwhelmingly approved by voters last November. Did you know they're spending $8M alone in Murphey Candler Park?

Brookhaven story, here.

Since the Dunwoody Parks Bond referendum failed in 2011, do you know how many times our elected leaders have gone back to the citizens and asked about it? Have they gotten feedback? Lessons Learned? Proposed a fresh start in having conversations about it? ZERO times. ZERO times in EIGHT years. I have an established public record in asking to have public conversations, and at least broaching the subject. Right after if failed in 2011, I proposed five action items to take. Still waiting on any of them to be taken on. Here's my post from 2013 with my thoughts. FIVE YEARS AGO. 


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