Kingsley Traffic Calming on North Peachtree is Broken

Kingsley traffic calming on North Peachtree isn't working and needs to be fixed. After petitioning the city for years and being forced to pay for "traffic calming" cars are still speeding in excess, and a woman was recently hit by a car with serious injuries.

Safety is my NUMBER ONE priority when it comes to funding transportation projects. But it's not the number one priority with our Dunwoody city council and their budgets they approve. In fact, they keep on pouring excess funds into more paving. The opportunity costs may one day lead to a loss of life. I simply can't understand how this continues year by year. It goes counter to our founding documents of our city, where health and safety is right up there as a priority.

Here's what I would do if I was an elected official in Dunwoody

1) Take the complete length of North Peachtree from Tilly Mill to Mt. Vernon and NARROW the width between the curbs to 20 feet. Remove any semblance of a center yellow no passing line. This will FORCE traffic to slow down. 20-ft is the minimum width approved by national fire department standards for their trucks to get through.

2) Take the left over remaining width and put in a 10-ft wide sidewalk / multiuse trail. Make sure there's at least 2-ft landscape / new tree buffer between the trail & the curb where there are cars

3) Don't force the residents to PAY for this street calming. It's used by a gazillion people, as evidenced by the cut through traffic. It's a public project for the SAFETY of all.

4) Instead of funneling millions of excess funds each year into repaving (which is going well, BTW), put that into SAFETY & TRAFFIC CALMING.

When I say things like this when I go to city hall and speak at council meetings, I get blank stares like I'm from mars. And crickets for response.

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