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Plan for Old Brio Site on Ashford Dunwoody is Wrong

Take a look at what's being proposed at the former Brio site on Ashford Dunwoody & Meadow Lane.

Here's the site plan with a HUGE sea of asphalt in the middle. Gone is the lovely pond.

Want to know what it'll look like? Head over to Peachtree Industrial in Chamblee where the new Whole Foods is.

That's what the developer is indicating it will resemble. An interior sea of paved asphalt surrounded by "fast casual chain restaurants - Think Zoe's Kitchen (which I love, by the way).

Here's the video of my public comment statements from the May 20th public hearing

Does this plan create a more livable Dunwoody? A more Human-scale Dunwoody? A sense of place like a Canton Street?

-- Does this plan REDUCE vehicle miles driven? 
-- Does this get people out of their car? 
-- Does this fulfill the Perimeter Center District overlay requiring a mix of Housing, Office and Retail?

No. It does not. No housing. No office. Not engaging or designed for people to NOT be in a car. It h…

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