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I-285 Managed Lane Project

I-285 Managed Lane ProjectPROTECT and PRESERVE Dunwoody and our quality of lifeHere’s Proof Positive that the managed lanes that cost $800M on I-75 are a major FAIL; waste of taxpayer dollars; and do not “reduce” traffic: 8:05 am, May 14th. TWENTY (20) MILES PER HOUR from Woodstock to Midtown. 

Going in Debt for Decades: GDOT Board Approved Selling Bonds in 2016

No public vote. No asking the top-end Perimeter communities. The Press release doesn't even mention the COST of these bonds. Reference HERE.

4.2 BILLION Price Tag for 285 Express Lanes4,200,000,000. Yes. It's that many zeroes.
GDOT has already approved in 2017 a bond of $75 to acquire Right of Way -- meaning take private property. And expect another $600M in 2020 to buy more property.

Reference here
Take Action TODAYThe city of Dunwoody needs to hire an experienced law firm that is: a) INDEPENDENT & EXCLUSIVE of other cities — Our city outsources an attorney that works with several other cities. And they often have comp…

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